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RMT London Calling gets results


LTRC London Calling newsletter demands that LUL stop provaracating and put the revised pay offer to the RMT as promised at ACAS last week.

The newsletter was posted at 1600 on November 24

At 1800 LUL deliver via email the revised offer and post it on their intranet.

Coincidence? Possibly.

Glad to see Steve,the boys and gals are enjoying our little effort at informing our members - 

Looking and responding to our requests.

How about leaving Glen Hart alone now?


RMT London Calling newsletter November 2015

please download, print, display and distribute around your workplace

in this months issue read about ;

  • wheres our pay offer?
  • oblique image problems on JNP/BCV
  • update on FFFS negotiations on frameworks, rosters ect
  • Glen Hart - victimised because of Trade Union activities
  • RMT tube cleaners demand dignity and respect
  • RMT women 100 years fighting for equality
  • LTRC social event

Glen Hart - targeted by London Underground for Trade Union activities

They have already had one crack at him - and now they are back for another.

Glen Hart was following RMT instructions not to work over time during the FFFS dispute.

They tried to sack him for closing his station because there was no relief.

With no evidence they could not find against him.

They are now perusing more trumped up charges against Glen 

This time they centre on being rude to a manager - no witnesses and no evidence.

Please publicise Glens case around your workplace.

The RMT have vowed to defend Glen with everything we have

LUL fingered in disability discrimination case - again

Following Karen Guyotts' dismissal because she had a disability -  questions were asked in Parliament - MPs from all sides of the house were appalled that in 2015 London's biggest employer could sack one of its employees solely because she had a disability.


LUL cited that the reasonable adjustments in place for Karen were "unsustainable" and sacked her.


Karen was unable to "sustain" an industrial response due to her condition.

RMT London Calling - September edition

latest edition of RMT London Calling
please download, print and distribute around your workplace

Night tube deferred - doesn't mean our pay rise should be!

LU have suggested that they will not impose NT,but seek to come to an agreement with the RMT and other TUs.
This is obviously more preferable than having NT imposed and It comes with some obvious questions - not least being where's our pay increase?

We are patiently waiting for LUL to make us a decent offer.
But our patience is limited.

Protect the right to strike - email your MP

Protect the Right to Strike - Email Your MP

Our MPs will soon get their first chance to debate the government's Trade Union Bill, as it receives its second reading in the Commons. It's an important chance to raise early objections to this draconian legislation.

Please use this link to write to your MP to state your opposition to the Trade Union Bill:


LT Regional Council activities September 2015

London Transport Reg Council are organising various events in the upcoming weeks:


First up is a demo against the BIS Secretary Sajid Javid and an issuing of an injunction to him.
The demo is tomorrow September 9th at 1800 - follow link below for facebook event
He was elected on a majority of less than 38% - but strives to impose a threshold of 40% for Trade Union strike ballots


There is a follow up demo on September 14 on the right to strike to coincide with the 2nd reading of the anti trade union bill.