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An evening to remember Paul Robeson

A great initiative from the BEMMAC to commemorate the life of one of our finest - Mr Paul Robeson

A legendary character in the workers struggle whose songs inspired us and in times of need consoled us.

I recall at the funeral of Brian Munro, Robesons recital of Joe Hill was not only emotionally moving but also challenging to us all. I personally felt this was a demand from Brian that RMT reps go on to organise.

Paul Robeson will mean many things to many people.

London Transport Regional Council 29 September

The next meeting of the LTRC will be at the Torch PH in Wembley Park on Thursday September 29 1630 - 1830

Following an initiative from Neadsen Branch the LTRC will be travelling around the region using Branch locations to hold the monthly meeting.

Recruitment and organising activity will take place prior to the Regional Council.

Please make every effort to attend

All members are welcome

It's your Union come and have your say

It pays to be in the RMT

Last Friday the RMT won a major victory when an Employment Tribunal at Watford ruled that one of our members had been unfairly dismissed after refusing to give a sample of hair during an alleged for cause DNA test. Member did not work for LUL but this result shows that employers have to be very careful about their actions whilst carrying out such tests and our local reps have to be extra vigilant to ensure that they are following the agreed process.

National Shop Stewards Network -10th annual conference July 2

Unions are under threat. It’s no accident that the Tories announced their (anti) Trade Union Bill at the same time as they roll out yet more cuts. They fully understand that the unions, with 6 million members, can be a major obstacle to another austerity wave and the fight is on. Junior Doctors are striking and teachers are balloting against forced academies while steelworkers are increasingly calling for Tata to be nationalised.