Jubilee South Branch - London Bridge / Waterloo level 1 feedback September 2016

LOB / WLO Level 1 Agenda Sept 8 2016

TU room
Name badges
CSA 1 covering down to CSA2 - BRDs
Control room training
CSA 2 roles and responsibilities / security checks / platform 
Ticket office/POM training
CSA 2 covering CSA 1 duties on OT
Ex FTC CSA 1 being moved - what's the criteria ?
Staff morale
Staff disciplinary status
Working at Waterloo on Weds 1500 duty
PED training 
New mess room - we want a TU notice board and keys to H&S notice board
Uniforms - issues re getting exchanges
Uniforms - we want staff to have choice over shorts/long trousers
Overbearing management at WLO 
Notice instructing staff to book on 10 minutes before shift at WLO
Staffing levels inadequate
Unfair allocation of extreme shifts excessive late turns in particular
Ticket office closures at both stations having negative effect on customer service

LOB/ WLO Level 1Feedback 15/16 September 2016

1.TU room - TU room will be provided at WLO in Dec 2016. Until then the TU room at Bermondsey will be available.

2.Name badges. Despite the WLO AMS opposition, in line with combine wide arrangements, staff can have what they want on name badge as long as not overtly political, discriminatory or offensive

3.CSA1 covering down as CSA 2 Banked RD. The agreement reached with the RMT at ACAS will be adhered to. Staff will be allowed to do the extra 2.5 hours a week when they wish. For expediency issues, staff will ordinarily be expected to do the 30mins at the end of the shift. If they wish to deviate from this all they need to do is speak to CSS/CSM on duty. Staff who do not wish to do the extra 30mins will probably be asked for a memo to record they didn't do the extra.
I have requested over time payments be made ASAP to cover any additional hours worked.

4.Control room training. All staff can apply to have local training and should submit a request to,the CSM. HGW will be at the old SCRA rate ( currently CSS2 )

5.CSA roles and responsibilities. LUL have produced a definitive list of CSA 2 responsibilities. I argued that those responsibilities should attract a higher salary rather than a reduced one.  One aspect that was agreed ; until further notice and when the question of when the NB Northern Line platform becomes the track becomes clearer, CSA2 will not be asked to do the security checks. 

6.Ticket office training / POMs - coaches now being allocated to train staff. As per agreement with the RMT staff will have as many attempts to pass as necessary and will be supported throughout to achieve this. In other words don't stress if you can't pass at 1st attempt. Or 2nd. Or 3rd. And so on

7.CSA 2 cannot cover CSA 1 duties ( unless they have CSA1 licence) whether on regular shift or OT. 

8.Ex FTC CSA1 staff movements. As letters from LUL were sent to some CSAs I tried to get an agreed process on how this would be applied. LU have not yet set out how , when or why moves will happen. Asked for SFC reps to look into

9.Staff morale - full and frank discussion on the impact of FFFS has had on the staff, an accumulative tiring effect has increased stress and staff sickness. Will monitor until next level 1

10.Staff disciplinary status. None at LOB . WLO unable to provide info as the WLO AMS declined to attend the meeting

11.Working at WLO on Weds 1500 - 2300. Rosters were amended on the understanding WLO would cover this 99.99% of the time. AMS will look into issue and respond. We always have the option of changing the roster back to a CSM having to cover the WLO turn

12.PED training. It was agreed all staff must have PED training. Currently 99%of staff at WLO/LOB have had the training.

13.New mess room. As agreed by previous IR and H&S reps the new mess room would remain " a propaganda free zone". Unsurprisingly LU flouted this agreement first. They have now promised to adhere to the agreement. No LU targets, letters, KPIs, GM happy clappy staff morale boosting diktats will appear. If you want to read that stuff you will need to go to old mess room. Alternatively take a pill and lie down for 30 mins

14.Uniform issues - member of staff has been detailed to speak to all staff to particularise what issues are. Ask CSM/CSS for more info

15.Uniform shorts - request for station staff to be afforded same luxury as T/Op with the provision of shorts was submitted. Will be dealt with the Uniform Consultative Committee

16.Overbearing management structure at WLO. Issue was raised but the absence of the WLO AMS meant issue was taken away for him to respond. Not acceptable . FAILURE TO AGREE. Sent to SFC

17.Instruction to book on 10 mins before your shift starts at WLO. Demand for this toxic and provocative notice to be removed immediately , demand for all staff at WLO , past and present, to receive OT payments going back 2 years. Anecdotally, it was suggested by staff side ( RMT ) this notice had been up for this period. At least.  (If you can confirm how long it's been up please contact me. ) Again the absence of the WLO AMS prevented any real discussion. FAILURE TO AGREE - sent to SFC

18.Inadequate staffing levels at WLO/LOB. Full and frank discussion ensued on the failings of FFFS and how the new operating model is not fit for purpose. Given the RMT NEC have already declared we are heading to a dispute on this it was pointless referring up through the machinery. 

19.Unfair allocation of excessive extreme shifts. Matter discussed. Will not happen again. Checks and balances of allocation will prevent future occurrences to any staff member.

20.Ticket office closure negative impact on stations and customers. Full and frank discussion on how closing ticket offices have increased number of dis - satisfied customers not being able to be dealt with at the station. Consequently more staff having increased levels of abuse/ verbal & physical assault. To be monitored , staff encouraged to submit EIRFs, WASB reports etc.

Items put forward by AMS LOB

LUL revealed some idea of development for staff.
Called viewpoint. I think
Bit sketchy on details and vague on substance.
My understanding was that we would be identified in roles that could develop our workplace skill set in a sideway role move.
As a CSA I guess that means working at WLO or LOB
CSS and CSM same.
The devil will be in the detail
I cannot see the value myself.

There is a LUL re- org taking place, it will mean many highly paid executive, Director level bods will be going.
For reasons of self preservation I make no comment.

Lots of MAD ( made a difference ) awards were given to many staff at LOB
No input from WLO due to WLO AMS non attendance at Level 1

The failure to agree is process is something the RMT have to follow and raise things through the machinery as opposed to going straight to an industrial dispute.
Issues are progressed to the Stations Functional Council.  
Your full time negotiators will then have the opportunity to hold LUL to account.
As someone who has been on SFC this is our chance to really lay into them
We have won some important concessions here previously.
Obviously if LUL dig their heels in we would need to look at industrial action to progress our claims

Solidarity Wins

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