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An evening to commemorate Bro Leon Brumant. 23 June 1700 @ 12 Pins Finsbury Park

London Transport region have arranged an event to remember Bro. Leon Brumant at the 12 Pins Finsbury Park on Thursday June 23

We have struck a badge to commemorate Leon's fight for equality and justice for all

Please share the attached notice widely, print and distribute around your workplace.

All members welcome


Recently announced compulsory redundancies of permanent faculty staff, and other recent job losses resulting through the removal of all teaching hours from some long serving HPL (Hourly Paid Lecturer) staff, at London Metropolitan University.
We believe that these lecturer job cuts will directly negatively impact on the student experience. This is particularly problematic as the university attempts to make itself more attractive to potential applicants and provide an enhanced service to its existing students.

Update from SFC reps on preferencing and filling the gaps

Preferencing and filling gaps should be seen as two separate processes.
Filling Gaps: This is just LU running the Fit for the Future location computer to see if any staff who are OE or covering down can be moved into a substantive position.
They may also move a CSM1 who is covering down at CSS into a temporary CSM2 location.
At this time LU has accepted our demand that they do not make sideways moves (same grade) under filling the gaps.

RMT to take Lillie Bridge depot fight to the Mayor

The  matter of the planned closure of Lillie Bridge Depot and provision of appropriate an alternative location must be raised with the New London Mayor Sadiq Khan as and when proposed talks between the Mayor and the RMT take place
Beginning this year notice has been given to our departments Track Delivery Unit, Maintenance Infrastructure Services, Track Manufacturing Department, Material Management Department (Stores), Transplant, Fleet Maintenance, District Line Trains and Plant Services at Lillie Bridge Depot that we are required to vacate the depot by 2019.

Ballot due over 'Fleet core working agreement' breach

The failure to agree over S-Stock Shoe Gear Replacements and Breaches of the Fleet Core Work Agreement. Following some further discussions with the Company, a report was received from the Lead Officer and the National Executive Committee has now taken the decision to inform LUL that we are in dispute and will be balloting members for strike action and action short of a strike.


A copy of a new contract that Interserve intend to introduce for staff on its LUL contract has recently been received and an initial consultation process has commenced. To date, one meeting has taken place with the Company and the Lead Officer has already had cause to write to Interserve to insist that there is no implementation until the consultation process has concluded. The Union will continue to monitor this situation.
The RMT are to hold a demo to bring the wider issues of cleaners on LUL straight to the Mayors. doorstep

June 23 0900 City Hall

Victimised rep to return to work.

The RMT are pleased to advise you that we have some good news with regards to Brother Glen Hart.
Shortly Glen will be able to return to his normal duties in his job at work.
This is great news for Glen, the union and all of us. Justice and common sense has prevailed.
Solidarity wins