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Hands across the pond - support for our strikes from New York

Support was given to our tube strikes from New York.
Our Regional Organiser and family are on hols in USA and took time out to visit transport workers across the pond.
The transport workers send messages of support and solidarity to the RMT members taking strike action next week.
Steve Downs chair of the now world famous TWU local 100 offers support for our action.

RMT London Calling latest - ACAS talks update

This action is suspended - details here

Attached pdf available for download and printing

Night Tube /Pay talks latest news

The latest from the talks at ACAS Aug 20

The RMT drivers reps met with management today and agreed a joint position with ASLE&F That position will be discussed further at ACAS on Aug 21 At this time there is no movement from LUL on the points of contention As it currently stands there is no acceptable offer.
The strike action named remains on

Do not book on for duty:

Solidarity wins - More strikes for a better deal!

The historic United strike by RMT, ASLEF, TSSA & UNITE show all tube workers are determined to fight for a fair deal on Pay & Night Tube.

RMT,ASLEF, TSSA &UNITE - Unity delivers total shutdown.

We won't accept imposition of rosters that destroy work/life balance.The latest offer has nothing new and has no improvements at all.3 out of 4 unions have named more ation.

All 4 Unions in solidarity will win a decent settlement.


No member forced to work more nights or weekends than on current rosters Volunteers who work extra nights or weekends should get extra time off.

Update from John Leach at ACAS - Friday July 17

Update from Regional Organiser John Leach .

Today myself and senior reps met with the other unions ASLEF TSSA Unite and LUL at ACAS . We were there from 0945 till 1540

Firstly ,and it was important that we did this ....We clarified with LUL that all rosters and changes to agreements are negotiable and can only be changed using the Trade Union /LUL machinery of negotiation. These are the charters of workers rights in LUL and protect us all day in day out ..

New London Calling - poster for workplaces

Please display on union noticeboards and around your workplace Hard copies are available from Unity House ASLEF, RMT, TSSA, UNITE - Unity delivers total shutdown We won’t accept imposition of rosters that destroy work/life balance Latest offer is insult to all grades All four unions, in solidarity, will win a decent settlement United Action Can Win RMT is demanding:

  • No member should be forced to work more nights or weekends than on current rosters. Volunteers who agree to work extra nights or weekends to be given additional time off.

London Underground fingered in unfair dismissal case - again

London Underground - fingered again in unfair dismissal case

It is with boring monotony that LUL are continually caught out at Employment Tribunals for unfairly sacking members of their staff

The latest case is James Lambert, a CSA from Stratford whose heinous crimes were.....to be honest I am not sure.

He was accused of a racial assault on a security guard.
Found not guilty. In court
He was accused of assault on the security guard
Found not guilty. In court.
LUL sacked James for bringing the company into disrepute.
For being found not guilty? In court.

Message from John Reid - RMT Cof E

We are aware that ASLEF have named further strike dates tonight and we support them in their action. The RMT will announce what we plan to do shortly. We believe solidarity will win this dispute and that principal will be foremost as we decide on our next steps.

John Reid

RMT Council of Executive member

Latest edition of RMT London Calling - July 2015

please download, print and distribute around your workplace

Solidarity wins the day - strike rock solid!
No trains run across entire network. Track & signals,Fleet, stations & service control absolutely solid.

20,000 workers from across 4 unions across all grades across the whole combine took action against the imposition of unfair, unwanted rosters.
Rosters from hell.
This strike is not about money. It never has been.
The employer has sought to impose rosters that would absolutely destroy work life balance for ALL of their staff.
We are not against night tube.

NIght tube Q&A for Service Control

Night Tube Q&A for Service Control:

Q. Why does Night Tube affect Service Control?
A. Night Tube will involve more night shifts, more work and responsibility on those night shifts and more anti-social working paterns.

Q. Haven't London Underground addressed these issues by giving extra staff on affected lines?
A. Some lines have been given extra staff to deal with Night Tube. This is because they have to provide extra staff for Meal Relief. Normally Meal Relief's are to be taken after the close of traffic. Now that is not an option.

Update from today's ACAS talks

Update from today's talks.

Night tube

The offer put before the trade unions today was divisive, cynical and an insult to every one of us.

It was designed to buy off the minority to the detriment of the majority.
The offer was made by the CEO with the proviso that the trade unions accept it by 1830 today.

This was a cynical attempt by LUL to try and attempt to panic the unions to accept a divisive offer that benefits few but affects everyone.
We cannot accept the offer on this basis.