Still a minority in a tradtionally male-dominated industry, RMT women are organising against sexism and for our issues to be heard

RMT To Celebrate United Nations Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women

The RMT Women's Committee has organised an evening of speeches and music to coincide with the United Nations Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women, 25th November.

This is a free event open to all members - both women and men.

Should you plan on attending, for the purposes of making the necessary catering arrangements, please let our Equal Opportunities Officer know at j.webb [at] rmt.org.uk.

RMT Women's Lunch

The monthly RMT Women's lunch will be at the Southbank centre (nearest station Waterloo).
This is open to all women members from all regions so if you can make it please join us!
It's an informal occasion usually lasting til 4pm or so. Southbank centre has inside and outside seating. Where we are will depend on the weather! The venue does have a cafe/bar but it's pricy. They also allow you to bring your own food and drink - I will supply some juices and snacks, but feel free to bring wine/sandwiches/whatever!

Women's Lunch Southbank Centre

The London RMT Women's Lunch will be at the Southbank centre on August 14th from 1pm until about 4pm. If it is sunny we will be sat outside on the terrace otherwise inside with an RMT flag as a tablecloth so you can see us! The Southbank centre has got a bar/cafe but you can also bring your own food and drink so we usually bring crisps and dips etc.
This is a regular monthly meeting, very relaxed and a chance to catch up with other women in your union.

European Trade Union Confederation Gender Equality Survey

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) survey on gender equality - known as the "8th March Survey" has been released. The survey, completed by unions across Europe, shows that of the unions which could indicate women membership numbers; of 44 million members, 44.2% are women. yet the results reveal that of the 39 presidents "within national confederations"; only 4 or 10.3% are women.

• 51 (out of 85) national confederations from 31 European countries.
• 20 sectoral national unions from 12 European countries.
• 6 European Trade Union Federations (out of 10) .

Violence Against Women: issues in the local elections

The End Violence Against Women coalition is highlighting the following facts and issues in the forthcoming local elections:

  • Domestic and sexual violence in numbers: In 2012 around 1.2 million women suffered domestic abuse, over 400,000 women were sexually assaulted, 70,000 women were raped, thousands were stalked (Home Office)

Tube Job Cut Plans Will Hit Every Equalities Group

Fit For the Future – Stations will hit every stations worker with pay cuts, displacements, reduced work-life balance, etc. But its proposals will affect women, black and ethnic minority, LGBT, older, younger and disabled people in specific ways.

LU is obliged by law to assess what the impact on equalities groups will be. But LU has carried out a shabby and inadequate assessment. RMT and other unions’ reps have met LU about these issues in the last few weeks; management has revealed that it does not treat its obligation towards equalities groups seriously.

Every Job Matters Talks - Equalities Report & RMT Solutions To Concerns

A group of union reps are examining the impact of London Underground Ltd’s proposals for Fit for the Future – Stations on equality groups including women members, black and ethnic minority members, lesbian/gay/bi/trans members, disabled members, older members (55+) and younger members (under 30).

ETF Women's Committee - Campaigns and Other Business

More from the ETF Women's Committee meeting on 19-20 March 2014

  • Women's Health and Safety at Work
  • Violence Against Women
  • International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) report
  • Women's representation
  • Membership questionnaire
  • Training package
  • European TUC report
  • Rule changes
  • Study on discrimination
  • Next meeting

    Women's Health and Safety at Work

  • ETF Women's Committee: section and country reports

    The ETF Women's Committee meeting on 19-20 March 2014 heard the following reports:


    Civil aviation
    Unions are campaigning for a non-punitive reporting system, and demanding consistency of workplace rules across all grades, from cabin crew (female-dominated) to pilots (male-dominated).


    • Working in ports is very ‘women-unfriendly’. The unions are raising two main issues: the recruitment of women to port jobs; and improving working conditions for women.

    Report: European Parliament Public Hearing on Work-Life Balance and Gender Equality

    On Wednesday 18 March, the ETF Women’s Committee attended a public hearing on Work-Life Balance and Gender Equality, held by the European Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality. Click this link for event information, including some of the speakers' presentations. The afternoon was divided into two sessions, each addressed by a panel of speakers followed by a question-and-answer session.