Still a minority in a tradtionally male-dominated industry, RMT women are organising against sexism and for our issues to be heard

RMT Women’s get together

The Blue Bar, 4th floor, Royal Festival Hall

7th June 1230hrs onwards

Meet other RMT women for chat, discussion and laughs. No agenda, no obligation to buy food or drinks, refreshments provided or bring your own if you wish.

No babysitter? No problem, child friendly venue, bring the kids.

Look for the RMT flag!

Join our Facebook group here.

ALL RMT women welcome


  • Please download and display the attached poster in your RMT workplace

RMT Women's get together

The RMT Women's get together will be held at the Royal Festival Hall, 5th April, from 1230hrs onwards.

Meet other RMT women for chat, discussion and laughs. No agenda, no obligation to buy food or drinks, bring your own if you wish.

No babysitter? No problem, child friendly venue, bring the kids. Look for the RMT flag!

For more details, please contact Marie Harrington or Becky Crocker.

ALL RMT women welcome

Report: ETF Women's Mid-Term Conference and Committee meeting, Bucharest, 12-13 April

  • The opening address stressed the importance of women workers organising in a male-dominated industry and the context of women's struggles in a time of austerity and terrorism.
  • There was a minute’s silence for the victims of terror attacks.

Bakerloo News April 2016

Bakerloo News is the newsletter for RMT members on the Bakerloo line.  In this edition:

  • As LU’s “new world” dawns... Fight for your future

  • Pay update

  • Hands off our mess rooms!

  • Management must stick to agreements

  • Justice for cleaners

  • RMT Women’s Survey

  • Moving? Tell your union!

  • Solidarity against terror and racism

  • Solidarity with Piccadilly Line drivers!

RMT Upfront March / April 2016 - news for tube drivers

Upfront is the RMT newsletter for drivers on the London Underground.  Please share it online and distribute it at your depot.

In this edition:

  • Night Tube Update: What will it mean for me?
  • Four Day Week Trial
  • RMT Women's Membership and Participation Survey
  • Piccadilly Strike Solid
  • Reporting Incidents
  • Spare Rails
  • New Shoes
  • Workplace Violence
  • Upgrades News
  • Join us at Trains Grades




RMT Women's Membership and Participation Survey

Dear Comrades,

This is my first project as your newly elected Women's officer for the London Transport Region. We would like as many women members as possible to complete the following survey so that we can support more RMT women workers to take ownership and control of their union. With this in mind, please do all you can to share the link amongst your colleagues from all grades, full time, part time, zero hours, everybody!

Thanks very much for your help.

Marie Harrington

Report to RMT Women's Conference 2016: ETF Women's Committee


The European Transport Workers’ Federation, linking transport trade unions across Europe. RMT is one of several UK affiliates.

Its Women’s Committee includes nominees from various countries and sectors. I am a member of the Committee for the term 2013-2017.



Despite having no funding for this campaign, we have been able to take a couple of useful initiatives: