Public services not private profit

Demanding the return of the railways and other privatised indutstries to public ownership; opposing further privatisations

London Overground Safety And Security Staff To Strike Again As Bosses Reneges On Settlement

TRANSPORT UNION RMT confirmed today that security and safety staff employed by STM Security Group on London Overground services will be taking strike action next week in a dispute over bullying and harassment and an attempt to impose workplace changes without agreement.

RMT Continues To Monitor 'Market Testing' At TfL Following Assurances

We note the correspondence from London Underground Ltd regarding TfL market testing. While this offers some reassurance that this is simply a ‘benchmarking activity’ and that no decision has been made to privatise the functions involved, we are well aware that ‘market testing’ is used to keep down pay, conditions and staffing in the public sector body as much as it is used to prepare for privatisation.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to ensure that this issue continues to be raised with TfL and developments monitored and placed in front of us.

UK Rail Fare Rip-off Breaks Lovers Hearts On Valentines’ Day

New Research by rail union RMT has found that French, Italian and Spanish lovers using high speed rail for a romantic city break will pay 245% less in rail fares than their UK counterparts.

Figures also show that whilst in the UK there has been a 20% increase in cost of using high speed rail (London to Paris) in the last three years, the cost of using of publicly owned European high speed rail is falling and by up to 37% in some instances.

RMT London Calling Newsletter February 2013 Edition

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Members should already be in receipt of the broadsheet, "We Can Stop Job Cuts". This outlines how we lost over 800 jobs between March 2011 & March 2012, while passenger numbers have soared to record levels. The Broadsheet details all the arguments of our Union to maintain a fully staffed, publicly owned and integrated transport system.

Unfortunately those who run Government, in London and nationally, and their highly paid bosses at London Underground are not moved by rational arguments. A fully staffed underground system would offer the World Class service that Londoners expect.

RMT Warns Of Skills Shortage Threat To Rail Plans

RAIL UNION RMT warned today that a looming shortage of skilled staff, driven by a failure to invest in training and apprenticeships and the dash to sub out key work to agencies and contractors, will threaten the timetables for future rail projects including the High Speed proposals unveiled this week.

The RMT warning is backed by research by the National Skills Academy for Railway Engineering for the Office of Rail Regulation that was published just a few days ago.

RMT Launches New Drive For Nationalisation

20 years after legislation paving the way for the privatisation of Britain’s railways was passed by John Major’s Tory Government on the 19th January 1993, rail union RMT has set out the case for public ownership with a pledge to step up the campaign for renationalisation:

  • Privatisation has cost passengers more. Since 1995 the average ticket price has increased by 22% in real terms. Britain has Europe’s highest commuter fares for both day returns and season tickets.

TfL Market Testing Explained

RMT National Policy Department briefing – What is market testing?

In the early 1990s, the Conservative government introduced a policy of market testing public services in central government, testing their efficiency by exposing them to competition from external providers. It was less relevant whether the service was actually contracted to the private sector, but rather that it was subjected to competitive challenge.

However, it is typically used to open the door to privatisation.

Save London Transport Museum With TSSA

Join TSSA members and supporters at a celebratory demo to commemorate 150 years of transport staff serving the people of London!

Meet at 09:30 on Sunday 13th January at Kensington Olympia Tube Station to wave off the anniversary steam locomotive run on the old Met line route.

Stop the cuts: keep it public

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RMT Reaction To Transport Committee Railways Report

The Transport Committee report sets out their vision for the railway by 2020. The report endorses the 'quest' for a more efficient railway but raises concerns about safety, staffing and the protection of passenger interests.

Responding to today’s House of Commons Transport Committee Report on Rail 2020, RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

"Whilst this report reinforces once again that our railways are nothing more than a multi-billion pound rip off lining the pockets of a bunch of spivs and speculators it ducks the real issue, and that's the cast-iron case for public ownership.

Fare Misery And Cuts For Commuters

As people prepare for the first day back to work, rail campaigners are today (Wednesday) warning that commuters face yet another year of inflation-busting fare increases and service cuts.

Train fares will increase by 3.9 per cent, on average, from today with some passengers facing hikes of up to 10 per cent on their journeys, says the TUC.

Research published last month by the TUC’s Action for Rail campaign shows that average train fares have risen nearly three times faster than average wages since the beginning of the recession in 2008.