Public services not private profit

Demanding the return of the railways and other privatised indutstries to public ownership; opposing further privatisations

RMT welcomes return of Metronet staff to London Underground

RMT press release, issued today

LONDON UNDERGROUND’S biggest union RMT today welcomed plans to transfer the workforce at failed public-private partnership company Metronet back to LUL.

In a letter to RMT general secretary Bob Crow, Metronet Rail chief executive Andie Harper confirmed that a consultation over the TUPE transfer will soon be underway and that he hoped the process would be completed by December.

“RMT has been pressing for this measure all along and welcomes Metronet Rail’s move as a victory for common sense,” Bob Crow said today.

Keep Tyne & Wear Metro Public

Believe it or not, the government wants the Tyne & Wear Metro (Underground) go down the same disastrous PPP route as London Underground.

Please support the campaign to keep Tyne & Wear Metro a wholly publicly owned company. Read and sign the 10 Downing Street petition here.