Public services not private profit

Demanding the return of the railways and other privatised indutstries to public ownership; opposing further privatisations

TOCS Paying Twice In Dividends What They Pay In Tax

RAIL UNION RMT released new research at their AGM in Brighton this morning showing that Britain's main private train operating companies are paying out twice as much in dividends than they are in tax.

Figures for the top five train operators showed that they paid just over 13% in tax on operating profits of nearly a billion pounds at a time when the basic rate of corporation tax is 23% and the standard personal tax rate is 20%.

RMT Parliamentary Party Report - Spring 2013

This report covers the period from 26 February to 31 May, including Easter and the half-term Whitsun Recess. The House sat for approximately eight weeks during this period which also saw Parliament prorogued as the 2012-2013 session was concluded, and the Queen’s Speech announcing the government’s legislative programme for the 2013-14 session of Parliament was held on 8 May.The Government’s agenda for the new Parliamentary Session was set out in the Queen’s Speech, which along with the Budget and the Comprehensive Spending Review statement at the end of June, clearly demonstrate the continuation of its programme of cuts, job losses, privatisation and attacks on pay, pensions, employment rights, and terms and conditions.

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Firm That Left East Coast Mainline In Chaos Cleared To Bid For Route Again

RAIL UNION RMT revealed today that National Express, the company that threw back the keys as their contract on the East Coast Mainline collapsed into chaos four years ago, have been cleared to bid for the route again as the Government speed up plans to reprivatise the service that is currently being successfully run in the public sector.

Special Meeting: The Thatcher Years - The Resistance, The Victims, The Truth

From London Transport Region Secretary John Reid

RMT Members are invited to a political event to commemorate the victims of Thatcherism and neo liberalism.
Celebrate the heroic resistance of the Miners, Print workers,anti poll tax movement, and all the working class communities who resisted Thatcher during the dark days of her vicious anti working class reign as Prime Minister.

Meeting and refreshments at the Exmouth Arms on Wednesday 17th April 1900 hours.

Speakers include:
Linda Wiles - President of the Region

Action For Rail: Potential Job Cuts of 20,000

Jobs ‘at risk’ in UK railway industry resulting from government proposals for rail reform


In our briefing on the government’s Rail Command Paper, rail unions involved in the Action for Rail campaign indicated that over 20,000 jobs in the UK rail industry were ‘at risk’ as a result of the recommendations in the McNulty Review that Network Rail and Train Operating Companies were being asked to implement.

By extrapolating from the McNulty Review, our briefing indicated the total numbers of jobs at risk broke down as follows:

Government Gives Green Light To New Wave Of Rail Profiteering

RAIL UNION RMT warned this morning that the Government has given the green light to a new wave of rail privatisation and profiteering with the announcement that the great rail sell off is back with a vengeance.

In an announcement this morning the Government has set out a timetable for the re-privatisation of the East Coast, currently run in the public sector after two catastrophic private failures, and a new schedule for extending, on favourable terms to the private sector, the raft of franchises suspended due to the shambles on the West Coast mainline.

Meeting Held As Power Services Return To LUL

We note the correspondence from LUL and the other material on file. We instruct the General Secretary to place a report of this meeting in front of us a report on the meeting that took place on 28 February, with recommendations for the way forward on this matter, and to ensure that our previous decisions are carried out.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.

RMT To Seek Updated Information On TfL Market Testing

We note the report from our Regional Organiser and the minutes on file.

We instruct the General Secretary to ensure that this union continues to seek updated information from TfL on this process, ensuring full disclosure of information to which we are entitled, and to challenge any resulting attacks on or holding back of our members’ terms and conditions.

Any developments are to be placed in front of us.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.