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News, reports and information for RMT members in London Underground's manager and administration grades. LUL managers are in TfL branch. Read more TfL branch related stories here.

Power Control Room / Track Access Control Grade Progression - Referendum Result

RMT General Grades Committee decision, 10 February:

That we note the referendum result for Power Control Room is as follows:-

Total votes cast: 4
Number voting “Yes”: 0
Number voting “No”: 4
Spoilt Papers: 0

That we note the referendum result for TAC is as follows:-

Total votes cast: 3
Number voting “Yes”: 1
Number voting “No”: 2
Spoilt Papers: 0

Power Control Room and Track Access Control: RMT to hold referendum of members on grade progression

General Grades Committee decision ...

That we note the report from our Regional Organiser. We agree that the offer from London Underground to our members regarding grade progression is unacceptable, and instruct the General Secretary to conduct a referendum of members in the LU Power Control Room and a referendum of Track Access Controller members, with a recommendation in both cases to reject the company’s offer. We instruct the General Secretary to send a personal letter to all members in these grades explaining the union’s stance.

Duty Managers Grade Progression

From Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary

Following our member’s earlier rejection of LUL’s proposals on Duty Managers Grades Progression, further talks took place to discuss this matter. It is through our members resolve and determination that an improved deal has now been secured by our negotiating team and the General Grades Committee has decided to hold a referendum of Duty Manager Grades with a recommendation to accept.

Voting papers have now been sent out and the closing date is Tuesday 4th January 2011.

Joint Communication sent by: RMT; UNITE; TSSA and ASLEF to LU Employees impacted by Support Services Review

leafletClick '1 attachment' to download this as a PDF.

Following various meeting the Trade Unions have held with London Underground, we feel it would be beneficial to update you on the current situation in respect of Assessment & Selection and also awareness of the implications of applying for the Non Permanent Roles listed by LU.

Assessment & Selection

ISS & ICSA Volunteers: Do The Right Thing - Don't Help London Underground Steal Our Jobs!

An appeal from RMT and TSSA to admin and other staff who have volunteered as 'Incident' CSAs/SSs: read the text below or click '2 attachments' / file names to download a leaflet and poster.

We are facing a massive attack on public transport in London.

The 800 operational job cuts at London Underground are just the tip of the iceberg - thousands more jobs are at risk across TfL.

And we all know that cutting jobs means cutting services and compromising on safety.

Fight the Latest Job Cuts!

As London Underground announces its intention to cut 800 unspecified 'support staff' jobs, Roy Carey, RMT rep for MATS (managers, admin, technical, support), says: "We in the RMT believe you should not feel intimidated, or living in fear when coming to work. The fear and threat of losing your job is something none of us need. We will fight every job cut."

Fight these job cuts - and you you are not already an RMT member - join!

Ten Reasons Why Managers and Admin Should Vote YES-YES to Save Jobs

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download this as a 2-page leaflet.

1. Because these job cuts will be a disaster for all of us - every grade of station staff; other grades of Underground workers; and passengers too.

2. Because LU management are not listening to your union reps in talks. Industrial action will make them listen.

3. Because management have not given you a chance to vote on whether you want job cuts. RMT is giving you that chance - this is your opportunity to show your opposition to de-staffing of stations, offices and depots.

Duty Manager grade progression ballot result

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download this as a leaflet.

Grade Progression Referendum Result!

YES……………………….20% NO………………………..80% This has sent a clear message to management!

Grade Progression? What Grade Progression?

We may be interested in Grade Progression but not in this format.

The RMT made it clear at the last OMR meeting we did not think this was right for our members. The referendum has now made that clear.