Jubilee South branch

Jubilee South branch includes workers of all grades from Westminster to Stratford working on London Underground. This includes station, train, SMD signalling, catering and cleaning members.

Total System And Communications Failure On Jubilee Line Friday Evening Exposes Lethal Dangers Of Driverless Trains

TUBE UNION RMT revealed today that a total communications and systems failure on the Jubilee Line for nearly an hour during the busy early evening period last Friday evening - 4th November - has exposed the lethal danger of Mayor Boris Johnson and TFL’s plans to bring in driverless trains.

Last Friday the screens in the control on the Jubilee Line went blank for 55 minutes from 18.50 hrs as main and back-up systems failed. Control did not know where units were in the deep tube system covered by the line.

Jubilee Line Route Secure Implementation

From Regional Organiser Steve Hedley - RS procedure implementation.

Dear members, as you are fully aware there has been a proposed change to the old but very safe “scotch and clip” procedure for passing over points in slow speed were route secure indication cannot be confirmed to the train operator. The following may answer some of your questions.

Jubilee Line Route Locking Procedure

RMT have produced an informative circular for Jubilee drivers regarding a new procedure for the line. The procedure is for passing over points with no route secure illuminated. The circular explains that Tier 2 control room reps have had no release to discuss and comment on the procedure, which means that they cannot endorse or agree to this process at present.

Click 'Read more' or download the attachment to read about the procedure and the reps guidance that it should not at present be carried out.

RMT Calls For Direct Talks After 24 Hours Of Tube Hell And Demands End To Job And Maintenance Cuts

Tube union RMT today called for direct talks between the Mayor, unions and passenger groups, and demanded an immediate halt to tube jobs and maintenance cuts, after what the union described as “24 hours of tube hell.”

On Tuesday night the Jubilee Line was plunged into chaos through a combination of a power shutdown and faulty rolling stock and operating systems leaving over 1700 passengers to be detrained and walked through sweltering tube tunnels with the assistance of station staff. By Wednesday morning, the Jubilee Line was still in total disarray.

Video: RMT Protest Outside Whitechapel Station To Renationalise London Overground

RMT members recently protested outside Whitechapel Station. The East London Line which runs through Whitechapel has reopened, but this once publicly owned railway is now making profits for privateers. Whilst RMT welcomes the extension of the line, we want it brought back under government control as a public railway, where profit is fed back into the service.

You can see more RMT videos at RMTv.

East London Line Protest and Leafleting

On Sunday 23rd May the extended East London Line will re-open, as part of private company, LOROL (London Overground). Obviously we support the extension but not when part of the tube network has been privatised through the back door. The whole of LOROL should be integrated with London Underground and owned and run by the Greater London Authority, elected by Londoners, which is RMT policy.

The privatisation of railways has been a total mess, with one company after another getting in trouble, including Metronet and Tube Lines.

Emergency resolution: anti-EDL demonstration, Bolton

The following resolution, submitted by Jubilee South & East London Line branch and seconded by Hammersmith & City branch, was carried unanimously by the March meeting of the Regional Council.

This region notes:

Thousands of UAF supporters gathered in Bolton to oppose the English Defence League on Saturday. The protest was strengthened by striking taxi workers protesting at the EDL coming to their city. It was a magnificent display of anti-fascism. We outnumbered the EDL by 4 to 1.

Resolution: New LUL Grievance Procedure

The following resolution, submitted by Hammersmith & City and Jubilee & East London Line branches, was carried at the March meeting of the Regional Council.

This Regional Council opposes the decision made by the General Grades Committee to accept the new LUL Grievance Procedure.

This was done without consultation with either local representatives or branches.

We cannot understand why this matter was hurried through the GGC when the implementation date was 1st April 2010.

Important Safety Information for Jubilee Line Drivers

1996stock Please find the following Important Safety Information from the Regional Organiser


Dear Colleagues,

We need to advise you that Jubilee Line train maintainers at Stratford Market Depot, Neasden and Stanmore will be taking industrial action for 24 hours from 19.29 hours on Wednesday 24th January. This will be repeated the following Sunday to Monday, and every Sunday/Monday for three months.

Their dispute is due to the fact that their Northern Line counterparts get paid considerably more money for doing the exact same job.

This dispute could have serious implications for the safety of the trains that will be offered for service during and following the industrial action.