Finsbury Park branch

Includes all cleaners, plus London Underground station staff on the Victoria Line and from Knightsbridge eastwards on the Piccadilly Line; plus drivers at Seven Sisters and Arnos Grove depots

Justice for Mary - Justice for all our Cleaner Grade Members

The dastardly attacks on our cleaning grade activists by ISS, the largest of the cleaning companies, intensified throughout January. Mary Boakye, our dedicated rep at Northumberland Park depot, was wrongly sacked following an accident at work in October, reinstated and then sacked again at a hearing on December 9th. Mary had an appeal hearing at the ISS head office on January 8th. At the same time the secretary of the cleaning grades committee, Clara Osagiede, was facing a trumped up charge of going home early after representing a member.

How Long Before Someone Dies?

Two recent ‘wrong-side door openings’ by drivers on the Victoria line have highlighted a potentially lethal anomaly concerning that line. Trains on all lines have a ‘correct side door enable’ (CSDE) system built in, a system which prevents drivers from accidentally opening train doors on the wrong side. All lines, that is, except the Vic! Yes, believe it or not, the Victoria line does NOT have CSDE, despite the potentially lethal consequences of a wrong-side door opening event. So how did this come to be?

X marks the spot!

Resolution: Procedure to be Followed before Representing Members

Finsbury Park has submitted the following resolution to the January meeting of the Regional Council, but withdrew it during the debate.

In order to guarantee only members of the R.M.T. union are represented, the following procedure must be adhered to by all representatives (Reps) of the branch.

Step 1

When a member of staff approaches the local Rep requiring representation, the Rep first explains to the individual that they (the Rep) need to contact the R.M.T. head office membership department to ensure the individual is in benefit, and therefore, a member of the union.

Resolution: Retired Members Delegate Numbers for BEMMAC

This resolution, proposed by Finsbury Park branch, was passed at the January meeting of the Regional Council:

“That this region requests the General Secretary and the Council of Executives of the RMT allocate three additional position for Retired members of the RMT to the Black and Ethnic Minority Members Advisory Committee.”