Finsbury Park branch

Includes all cleaners, plus London Underground station staff on the Victoria Line and from Knightsbridge eastwards on the Piccadilly Line; plus drivers at Seven Sisters and Arnos Grove depots

Breach of Disciplinary Procedures Dispute - Drivers - Piccadilly Line

From RMT official circular IR/108/09, dated 2nd April 2009

I write to congratulate you on a fantastic show of unity and solidarity that has been shown by the results of the ballot for industrial action. The results are shown below;

ARNOS GROVE ________________________SHORT OF STRIKE____STRIKE ACTION NUMBER VOTING YES______84__________________81 NUMBER VOTING NO_______0___________________3 SPOILT PAPERS__________ 0___________________0 TOTAL VOTES____________84__________________84


Resolution: Cleaners

This resolution, proposed by Finsbury Park branch and seconded by Camden 3 branch, was passed unanimously by the Regional Council meeting on 26 March.

We note with increasing concerns the intensification of the attacks on our Cleaning Grade members and Representatives by their Bosses which have led to vindictive sacking spearheaded by ISS.

ISS have now refused to pay the outstanding London Living Wages (LLW) for Cleaning Grade staff working via sub contractors TubeLines and there is no indication that they will pay the LLW for 2009.

Breakdown in Industrial Relations Seven Sisters Depot – LUL

From RMT official circular IR/97/09, dated 19th March 2009

I received a report regarding a breakdown in industrial relations at the Seven Sisters Depot, the four main points being;

  • The dismissal of train driver Carl Campbell (who should be reinstated immediately)
  • A stop to the misuse of attendance and disciplinary procedures
  • The lack of proper installation of Correct Side Door Enable equipment as provided on all other lines
  • An end to the victimisation of RMT activist Glenroy Watson

Breach of Disciplinary Procedures - Drivers Piccadilly Line - LUL

From RMT official circular IR/97/09, dated 19th March 2009

I write to confirm the final arrangements for the above ballot. The ballot papers were sent out on 19th March 2009 and the new closing date is Friday 27th March 2009.

Please note that that due to legal reasons Arnos Grove and Acton Town will be balloted separately however, it remains a single dispute

I urge RMT Drivers on the Piccadilly Line to return their ballot papers in the envelopes provided upon receiving them, to show management that the Union and our members will not be trampled on.

Yours Sincerely

THE MODERN DAY SLAVE DRIVERS - Cleaning companies' dirty tactics exposed

The callous sacking of Mary Boakye by ISS is yet another stark example of the brutal methods being deployed by dodgy cleaning companies to silence RMT activists. Her cruel dismissal bears chilling resemblance to other cleaning grade representatives who refused to be muted and have lost their jobs as a result. Cleaning companies are, without doubt, very exploitative, but that ISS in particular is just too brutal in dealing with cleaners is well-documented.

WRONG SIDE DOORS - Another driver pays the price for company’s unsafe system

Carl Campbell is the latest Victoria Line driver to pay the ultimate price for the lack of investment by Victoria Line management in Correct Side Door Enable equipment (CSDE), enjoyed by drivers on all other London Underground lines. In fact, Carl paid the price despite the fact that the panel at his Company Disciplinary Interview accepted the video evidence that the pilot light could have only “flickered” off and on and that the doors could not have been open in any reasonable interpretation of the word.

Piccadilly Line Drivers Ballot for Action

From RMT head office circular No. IR/70/09, dated 5th March 2009


In view of the ongoing concerns we have with regard to abuses of the disciplinary procedures on the Piccadilly Line, the ballot of Train Operators will go ahead as we are still in dispute.

For legal reasons two separate ballots will be held, one for Arnos Grove Ash House and the other for Acton Town Bollo House.

The ballot papers will be sent out to members on 10th March 2009 and the closing date will be 25th March 2009.

STILL NO JUSTICE - Appeal sends Zak Khan to stations

The result of Zak Khan’s twice postponed appeal was finally given at a meeting on Thursday 12th February: the company decided to re-employ Zak as a CSA at Waterloo station with a 52-week suspended dismissal still hanging over his head and to take away his licence. With the company still around 120 drivers over establishment across the combine this is a heavy financial punishment with little chance of him returning as a driver after 52 weeks. Also the slightest mistake on the stations within the next 52 weeks could see Zak thrown to the wolves again.