Breakdown in Industrial Relations Seven Sisters Depot – LUL

From RMT official circular IR/97/09, dated 19th March 2009

I received a report regarding a breakdown in industrial relations at the Seven Sisters Depot, the four main points being;

  • The dismissal of train driver Carl Campbell (who should be reinstated immediately)
  • A stop to the misuse of attendance and disciplinary procedures
  • The lack of proper installation of Correct Side Door Enable equipment as provided on all other lines
  • An end to the victimisation of RMT activist Glenroy Watson

The General Grades Committee have taken the decision to ballot members for strike action. Management have been informed of this decision.

Ballot papers will be sent out to Seven Sisters Train Drivers on 24th March 2009 the closing date will be Wednesday 8th April 2009.

Management seem to be trying to undermine staff at every opportunity and we need to show that we are not prepared to take the continued abuse of procedures and staff lying down.

Yours Sincerely

Bob Crow General Secretary