Legal Services Provided to Members

The following resolution, submitted by Finsbury Park branch, was passed at the January 2009 meeting of the Regional Council:

Finsbury Park Branch is concerned with the quality of legal services being offered to our members with members more often than not being declined legal assistance without the provision of a meeting with a representative as agreed at the AGM in 2008. It appears that only cases which are unbeatable are being supported although the case of Bro Vuoto in our branch which resulted in a substantial award at full tribunal despite being turned down before appeal shows that our legal team can get it very wrong. We believe that our experience as a branch is not unique and we call on the regional council to set up an urgent meeting of branch and regional officials chaired by the regional organiser to discuss ways of improving the legal service provided to our members with the intention of putting these proposals to the region in the form of a motion to be debated and sent to the national AGM of the union.

This region also calls upon the Head Office of the RMT to bring the full weight of it’s legal powers to fight the attack against Glenroy Watson in trying to fine him £16000 for daring to take LUL to an Employment Tribunal.