Why RPI is not nearly enough

RMT member Neil Hood writes ...

I wrongly thought there was only one 'rate of inflation'; the RPI, and I also wrongly thought that as long as I'm getting a pay rise equal to or greater than that rate I'd be better off.

Then I discovered this link on the BBC News website.

It helps explain that the RPI gives a misleading impression about the state of the economy/true cost of inflation, whilst the CPI (which is the government's preferred measure) is a much higher rate of inflation and gives a more accurate portrayal of the cost of living. Therefore, any pay deal lower than the CPI is worse than a pay freeze, it's the equivalent of a pay-cut.

The reason for writing is that I'm hoping you will share this information and web-link with the rest of the membership, so that if we do vote for strike action we can all know what we're striking for, rather than the dribs and drabs of support there's been in previous ballots (which only strengthens LUL's hand).

It's really galling that I and other colleagues are willing to lose a day's pay in order to achieve a better deal for everyone, whilst other colleagues selfishly see strike action as an opportunity for them to gain a day's overtime!