Vote Yes for justice on the Bakerloo Line!

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The story follows:

After the sacking of Fitz Chambers, the Bakerloo Train Grades newsletter asked the question, who’s next? The answer is Joel Miah.
Joel was summarily dismissed on Monday December 14th.
No account was taken of comparator cases on the line, where a driver did exactly the same as Joel and is still employed by London Underground. We all know of occasions were drivers have done far worse than Joel and are still employed on the tube.
What about the former Train Operations Manager at Queens Park who instructed an Instructor Operator to drive a full train into a tube section while there was no train radio contrary to OSN 48 and against the instructions of the DLCM?
Again, the brief sending Joel to CDI was flawed and yet the disciplinary panel took no account of the errors highlighted by Joel’s rep.
Who gets a fair hearing while London Underground have an agenda to slash 1200 operational jobs on the combine? Management have just cut the drivers at both depots by two and have slashed the amount of drivers in the pool from 10% to 5% of the establishment. So, who gets a fair hearing when the Bakerloo Line is over establishment for train operators?
The RMT has taken a stance on the sacking of our two workmates who we believe have been harshly treated in the extreme.
All Bakerloo driver members of the RMT will receive ballot papers from December 23rd 2009. The ballot closes on January 12th 2010.
We need a massive yes vote to say to management that we will not tolerate our workmates being treated in this fashion.
If we don’t take a stance now and management go to discipline you, who will stand up for you?
Get behind the union’s campaign for justice on the Bakerloo Line.
Vote Yes to reinstate Fitz! Vote Yes to reinstate Joel!
Solidarity wins!!!