Victoria Line Dispute: Open Letter to Gerry Duffy

RMT Regional Organiser Steve Hedley has written the following open letter to London Underground's Employee Relations Director, Gerry Duffy ...

Dear Gerry,

Victoria Line Dispute – Request for Negotiations

I am writing once again to try and resolve the dispute on the Victoria line. I am taking the very unusual step of making this an open letter because as yet we have had no response from you when we asked for negotiations on the eve of the first strike or since and want to make it clear to everyone that we wish to reach a settlement before any further industrial action becomes necessary .

We at the RMT seek to put the safety of the travelling public above your organisations dangerous penny pinching. Correct side door enablers which stop the wrong doors opening are fitted on every underground line except the Victoria line. We have pointed out to you no fewer than eighteen incidents when the wrong doors were opened on Victoria line trains endangering the public including children who are often packed onto rush hour trains. You have stated that it will be three years before new trains will be introduced that will deal with this problem a child could be injured or even killed in the meantime something which we wish to avoid and are sure you do too.

Carl Campbell the driver involved in the latest incident would not have been dismissed if correct side door enablers had been fitted and we appeal to you to save the travelling public more inconvenience by hearing the directors appeal I have entered on Carls behalf in a sympathetic way. Surely as a responsible employer you should seek to fit a failsafe device to the Victoria line trains and stop blaming the drivers.

The other issues on which we were forced to ballot the bullying of staff and the breaking of your own guidelines in regards to sickness attendance and disciplinary procedures, especially in regards to Glenroy Watson also need to be addressed and we would ask for a serious attempt by management to solve these problems

All RMT members are very proud of the world class service we provide on London Underground and we wish to both protect the travelling public’s safety and maintain a full time table whenever possible. We are ready to meet at any time and in the name of good industrial relations and public service hope that you will take us up on our offer immediately.

Yours sincerely

Steve Hedley Regional Organiser