Value Our Time!

Who are they kidding? We have all been subjected to the forced rhetoric of our glorious, soon to be departing, MD. We are told at valuing time in a bunker near Holborn how wonderful we all our. How great our achievements have been over the past year. How we are in line for a £500 bonus because we deliver such brilliant and consistent customer satisfaction. Now all of a sudden, we are worth absolute nothing. A miserly ,insult of a pay offer. 5 years of no pay rises. For what? No improvement in conditions, pensions or anything. When we come out of this recession,LUL want to give us nothing. They are guilty of jumping on the credit crunch excuse bandwagon rolling into a town near you. The national statistics office report wage rises of about 3.9-4.3% for 2008-2009 DLR have just settled for 3.9% We want a 1 year deal. We want significant improvements that reflect our worth. We want a deal that we deserve. Now. For 1 year. Nothing more. Nothing less.