Update on today's Night Tube dispute meeting

Constructive and good natured talks took place this morning at Baker Street between LUL and the Movement's committee over Night Tube Driver's going Full Time.

We provided a number of constructive suggestions to the Director and his colleagues to slove the dispute including nominations being called by date of nomination order and additionally we looked at ways Night Tube Driver's could be called before 18 month's.

One of the outcomes of todays talks was for Operational Resourcing to look at the practicalities raised and details of how many Night Tube Driver's want to be in which Depots and to find a way forward to back fill these positions so that they can go Full Time once called.

RMT Staff Side made it clear that we want to have Full Time Driver opportunities for all Staff and that Night Tube would Not be the only way into the Driver grade, The Director and other Management present agreed with the RMT on this principle point.

Operational Resourcing has now taken away points that were raised this morning and have agreed to look at how we can find a positive way forward.

The RMT plan to meet again with ASLEF for further talks next week at Director level to attempt to solve the problems of advancement to the TO21 grade.

Both sides are optimistic that a successful outcome is achievable.

Paul Shannon
Trains Functional Council