Update: Dispute Talks

RMT representatives again attended talks aimed at resolving our 'jobs, pay and justice' dispute at ACAS on Wednesday 24 June.

Most of the day's discussion centred around management's difficulty with accepting that the settlement of the 2001 dispute (the so-called 'Jobs for Life' deal) means what it actually says! The agreement clearly states that:

  • "no compulsory redundancies will take place"; and that
  • "This agreement applies to all staff employed by LUL, the Infracos and their subsidiaries. "

Wednesday's talks also made a start on issues of excessively harsh disciplinary action against staff.

Talks on these issues continue tomorrow (Friday).

There will be further talks on London Underground pay at the Company Council meeting next Wednesday (1 July).

Transport for London finally made a pay offer today (nearly three months after the pay rise was due!). The offer was the same as London Underground's 4-year option ie. 1.5% Year 1, then RPI+0.5% years 2, 3 and 4 (with a minimum rise of 0.5%).

RMT rejected this offer. All unions will recommend rejection on a common leaflet to be given to all staff.