Unite On The British Airways Strike

Unite Union have set up a website explaining the reasons for the recently blocked British Airways strike.

Unite BA members were due to take twenty days of strike action but this was blocked in the courts on a technicality. The technicality was that Unite hadn't informed members of the results of the ballot for strike action. This is despite members being emailed with details, notices being put in the work place, and the results being published in media across the world.

Strike action being blocked in such a manner has serious consequences for all of us. LUL and National Rail have already used similar methods to block strike action when there has been a clear mandate amongst union members to withdraw labour.

Tony Woodley and Derek Simpson, Unites joint General Secretaries have issued the following press release on the court findings.

"This judgment is an absolute disgrace and will rank alongside the Taff Vale judgment as a landmark attack on free trade unionism and the right to take industrial action. Its implication is that it is now all-but impossible to take legally-protected strike action against any employer who wishes to seek an injunction on even the most trivial grounds.

"Because of the far-reaching consequences of this injunction for all trade unions and indeed for our democracy, we are seeking leave to appeal immediately. It need hardly be said that this brings the prospect of a settlement to the dispute with British Airways not one day closer.

"However, we will of course comply with the injunction, and will be immediately telling our cabin crew members, who have three times voted against the company's conduct by overwhelming majorities, to work normally and not take or threaten any industrial action."