UK Power Networks Services (formerly EDF Powerlink) - Pay

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note the report from our Regional Organiser, and that the company’s “full and final offer” is as follows:
5% this year
Year 2: June RPI+0.5%, minimum 1%
Year 3: June RPI+0.5%, minimum 1%
Year 4: June RPI+0.5%, minimum 1%
Year 5: June RPI+0.25%, minimum 1%

We are disappointed that the company’s offer still includes basing each year’s pay rise on the June RPI figure despite it being payable on 1 April. However, we note that while our representatives have some reservations about the offer, they wish it to be recommended to our members. Accordingly, as requested by the Regional Organiser, we instruct the General Secretary to hold a referendum of members with a recommendation to accept.

A personal letter to be sent to all members along the lines set out in our Regional Organiser’s report. London Transport Regional Council and LU Engineering branch to be advised.