Tube Bosses Make Spurious Excuses For Not Employing Trainpeople Workers

We note the correspondence from London Underground Ltd, outlining its refusal to offer employment to the redundant Trainpeople employees, and containing a list of spurious excuses for denying the legal and moral rights of these workers.

We condemn London Underground’s refusal to offer permanent employment to people who have been working on its stations for up to five years or more

We instruct the General Secretary to:

  1. continue to demand that LUL fulfil its obligations and offer employment to these workers
  2. continue to support campaigning and protests in pursuit of this
  3. seek maximum media coverage
  4. report on the implementation of our previous instruction to contact the Mayor and members of the Transport for London Board about this issue
  5. report on progress with these members submitting legal claims
  6. obtain a report from our Bakerloo branch on planned further action

We note the report from our lead officer, and are disappointed at the reported lack of responses from our branches with London Underground members regarding possible industrial action. Any further responses are to be placed in front of us.

Further, we note the circular from TfL’s ‘Travel Ambassador Working Group’ outlining the employer’s decision ‘to merge all of the current customer volunteer programmes’, including Travel Ambassadors and Incident Customer Service Assistants (ICSAs). We instruct the General Secretary to forward this document to our London Underground Stations and Revenue Control second-stage representatives, our MATS representatives, our London Transport Region Stations and Revenue Grades Committee and our TfL no.1 branch seeking their views, and to place these in front of us.

We note our ongoing dispute with LUL about its breaches of the 2008 casualisation dispute settlement, which includes the deployment of these volunteers. We note our request for dispute resolution talks with London Underground Ltd, and that there is no response from the employer on file. We instruct the General Secretary to pursue this and place a report in front of us.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.

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