Transformation: RMT Organising Fight Back

Transformation Update

12th April 2019


London Underground are still determined to push forwards with their latest wave of job cuts, despite clear opposition from the RMT. We have written to the company a number of times now outlining our opposition to these cuts, as well as demanding that they follow the Main Agreement and allow our Health & Safety reps the opportunity to review their proposals and outline their safety concerns. 


The company have continued to deny us this right and are refusing to meet with our Health & Safety reps or allow them the chance to consult with our affected members. Instead, London Underground are insisting that our Industrial Reps continue to meet management and for them to raise safety concerns. This is not only contrary to the Main Agreement, but also unsafe for our members, as Industrial Reps are not trained or qualified to identify safety risks. 


Until this issue is resolved, your reps feel that they are unable to meet with London Underground to negotiate these proposals. Instead, your reps have been out meeting members and gathering your views and reporting back where we are. If you would like us to visit you, please get in touch and we will arrange this. 


Your Transformation reps from all affected work streams have been meeting regularly with each other, as well as with your National Executive Committee (NEC) rep and other Full Time Officers to discuss the process and share the most up-to-date information. We have informed London Underground that we are in formal dispute and will be preparing a ballot of all areas affected. 



There will also be a mass meeting for all members on Wednesday 24th April at 18:00 in the Mahatma Gandhi Hall, Indian YMCA, 41 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 6AQ. At this meeting we will discuss Transformation, London Underground pay talks and Extended Train Prep. All members are encouraged to attend and share your views. Your Transformation reps will be in attendance, along with the General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary, National President, Regional Organiser and NEC Rep.