Trains Reps 'Derecognition' Update

At the London Transport Regional council on 25 Oct the following emergency resolution from Jubilee South branch was put before the Region:

Right to elect workplace representatives
This branch is disgusted with the attacks being made by management and the devious methods they are using to try not to recognize our rep for Stratford/North Greenwich depots.

Jason Moriarty, elected for this position by members of the branch, has refused to be recognized by LUL despite him previously being the rep and having full recognition.

We believe this is nothing more than an attack on the basic rights of RMT members to elect RMT rep’s. Indeed LUL even have the nerve to tell us who they will recognize as the RMT rep. We call on this region, and the national union, to defend the basic principle of members electing who they want as their rep, and that RMT take every action necessary to conclude this matter to our satisfaction, which is the recognition of Jason Moriarty as the RMT Train side rep for North Greenwich/Stratford.

In an outstanding show of solidarity from within the London Transport region a number of Level 2 reps, branch officials and members from other branches spoke in favor of the motion and when it was put to a vote the motion was passed with all branches in the region voting for the motion to be passed , no votes against and no abstentions.

The message to LUL management is very clear.
The RMT does not and will not tolerate any interference with our democratic processes or abuse and victimization of our reps

The next branch meeting is Weds 31st (pay day) 1600hrs at the blue eyed maid, Borough High St just up the road from London Bridge station.

As normal at least one RMT TFC rep will be at the branch, Turn up and hear the latest on this situation or to raise any other issues.

All RMT members at North Greenwich and Stratford should continue to contact Jason Moriarty regarding Industrial relations issues / representation etc.