Trains Manager Framework - Update

On 20th September, your MATS reps met with management to ratify the proposed Framework of Agreement for Trains Managers. We have been working on this document for over two years now, so were hopeful to finally get management to agree to sign it off.

Unfortunately, we could not reach an agreement with management over the issue of allowing Trains Managers to work 12 hour shifts at the weekend. Management are against this, despite many other grades of staff being able to work 12 hour shifts. We do not accept the company’s claim that they are denying this due to safety. If that were the case, then Senior Operating Officials, Service Managers and Station Staff would be excluded from 12 hour shifts.

We believe that management are again using this as an excuse to treat Trains Managers unfavourably compared to other staff. They were against this being included in our Framework before they had even consulted their safety expert, claiming that sickness and overtime costs were the driving factor behind their decision.

However, it is our belief that there is no evidence that sickness or overtime costs are greater at the locations who already work 12 hour weekends in a safe way. There is no evidence that Trains Managers at these locations make more errors than managers anywhere else on the network. We believe it is purely another attack on the Trains Manager grade

This issue has been escalated and we will update you as soon as possible. If you require any further information, please contact your RMT rep