Company Policies and Agreements

Policies of the various employers within the London Transport region, and agreements reached with the union


Attached is the London Underground SPAD policy, Case Conference for Safety Competance procedure and the Case Conference Guidelines.

These documents could be useful for both members and reps involved in SPAD incidents.

The disgraceful treatment of employees continues unabated.

The disgraceful treatment of employees continues unabated.

Our cleaners all over the combine are having to contend with bullying and intimidating managers who routinely abuse agreed policies and procedures including;

• Grievances unheard
• pay illegally deducted
• pay slips not provided
• victimisation
• race discrimination
• targeting of RMT trade union reps for their trade union activities.

Report from APC (Attendance, Performance & Conduct Company Council Sub-Committee)

I attended the first meeting of the newly-convened APC Forum last week and whilst awaiting the draft minutes to be sent out from the meeting, just wanted to give our members and reps a preliminary report on what was discussed at this meeting and the current RMT position on a number of important issues. Our newly-appointed delegation consisted of me representing Stations, Dean O' Hanlon representing Trains, and Neil Atkinson representing Engineering Grades.