TfL Traffic Enforcement Job Cuts

by an RMT rep

Our Department Director has informed us of sweeping job cuts. It seems that management are bulldozing these cuts through. Rumours from worried senior managers are claiming that around 2,500 jobs are to be axed on TfL.

After giving us a slide show about ‘proposed’ changes, they then handed every member of staff a letter telling them whether their position had been ceased or not, and whether you would have to reapply for your own job.

The Organisational Change Process (OCP) seems to be designed to sideline the unions. Although RMT is not recognised we have about 20 members in our department alone. We can put pressure on our management if we have RMT leadership as all staff here, whatever union they are in, are bewildered by the entire process. It seems to be total diktat from management.

I have written to all members of the GLA, and all Labour London MPs (plus George Galloway).