Ten Reasons Why Drivers Should Vote YES-YES to Save Jobs

Read the ten reasons below. Click '1 attachment' / file name to download a special issue of 'RMT London Calling' for London Underground drivers.

1. Because management want to take risks with our safety by cutting jobs to save money. They are trying to change our procedures so we have to deal with incidents alone, without help from station staff. This will leave us vulnerable both to accidents and assaults, and to disciplinary action if anything goes wrong.

2. Because LUL has got 300 more drivers than it needs – if LUL get away with these cuts we’ll be next in line for the chop.

3. Because LUL is sacking drivers for mistakes that would have got us a warning until recently. A company that wants to cut jobs usually finds that sacking people is a cheaper way to achieve it than redundancy.

4. Because LUL management are not listening to your union reps at talks or disciplinaries – a Yes vote will make them pay attention.

5. Because industrial action is where our real power lies. We keep London Underground running every day - if we withdraw our labour, the Tube stops, and the company and the politicians have to listen.

6. Because ill-health redeployment for drivers is already very hard to get – with these station staff cuts it will be a thing of the past.

7. Because every Yes vote puts more pressure on management to withdraw these job cuts and back off from further attacks; and every No vote gives them the green light to go ahead. Management will interpret No votes as support for their job cuts, and abstentions as apathy - they will take both as encouragement to come for drivers next.

8. Because management have not given you a chance to vote on whether you want job cuts. RMT is giving you that chance - this is your opportunity to show your opposition to de-staffing of stations and the attacks on our conditions and safety that come with it.

9. Because the Government is also watching us for signs of weakness in the one sector that can fight back. We can’t blink first!

10. Because it’s the Right Thing to Do – and we know it!