Strike vote looking good

The day before the ballot papers go out to all LUL, ex-Metronet and Tfl RMT members, things are looking good for a solid yes vote. Metronet say there are no weak areas, drivers are showing they are up for a fight. Low-paid CSAs are angry at the appalling pay offer and many will strike for the first time in their lives. This strike has the power to shut London down. Having Metronet's industrial power behind us has given everyone a big boost, knowing they will be part of some effective action. Management have proven they are willing to dig their heals in every step of the way. But we have taken them by surprise by getting organised. The RMT will not let a single job go without a fight. Vote Yes! Be part of this fight.

Can everyone please make sure they make an extra effort to hold workplace meetings to ensure everyone votes. We need a huge turnout and we need to recruit everyone possible into the RMT. Unity is strength!