Strike Impact

The truth of the success of the 48 hour strike last week is starting to get through. Tonight’s Standard, the paper at the forefront of hostility to RMT, reports that:

“There was widespread disruption across the capital. Although London Underground was able to operate some trains, on most lines this was often limited to shuttle services.” reported that:

“The recent strike by Tube workers in London, which brought parts of the underground system to a standstill for two days, resulted in long delays for some delivery drivers. Rob Auchterlonie, a driver at Croydon-based Hydro Cleansing, says congestion was "horrendous" as members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union held a 48-hour strike from 9 to 11 June over job cuts, pay and working conditions, which meant more commuters had to use cars and buses to get to work.”

All of this is a far cry from the line that’s been pushed out by the management side but we know, and Londoners know, that the strike was solidly supported and was a fantastic success.