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Stop Victimising Elaine!

RMT has demanded that London Underground stop its victimisation of Waterloo station staff representative Elaine Holness.

On 5 March, Elaine went to work at Waterloo and was informed that she was stood down from duties pending an investigation into allegations that she 'racially harassed' a manager. What had she done to warrant this? She had given evidence at an Employment Tribunal in support of sacked RMT member Mo Makhboul which included criticising a manager. When Elaine attended a fact-finding interview, management told her that the investigation would be taken via Route C which could lead to dismissal.

This action against Elaine is the latest in a series of discriminatory acts against her. Others include docking her pay for attending a Doctor’s appointment and preventing her attending a TUC conference.

RMT believe that Elaine is the target of a management plan to:

  • prevent her from carrying out her duty to appear as a witness at an Employment Tribunal for another sacked RMT member, Gyles Henry, who is also black.
  • remove a very effective representative from her workplace.
  • tarnish her reputation by turning the truth on its head. Elaine has a history of opposing racism but being accused of racial harassment.

In short Elaine Holness has been targeted because of her trade union activities and her stance of vehemently opposing racism.

Elaine has received awards for her charitable work and is an outstanding example of good citizenship. If London Underground believe they can victimise this woman no one is safe and no one can give evidence in Tribunals.

Regional Organiser Steve Hedley has written to the company outlining his opinion that "the allegations made against Elaine are of a malicious and vexatious nature" and that the manager who complained that Elaine racially harassed him did so only because Elaine gave evidence against him in the Employment Tribunal. Steve has appealed to senior LUL management "to see this case for exactly what it is and spare Elaine the trauma of going through a pointless hearing".