Service Control Offer Considered by Reps

Today all RMT Service Control reps from across Service Control in London Underground met to discuss the final offer that LU and RMT had been negotiating all this week at ACAS.

The reps felt that the final offer made after much negotiating and fighting was a solid victory for all members and for everyone that works in service control, they also felt we had all achieved something un-heard of in London Underground... A guaranteed "Lifetime Protection of Earnings" in writing from LU!!

After taking time to fully consider the final offer we felt at this time it would be fully appropriate to suspend strike action in Service Control and to now take this time to speak to the members and gain a feel if we had achieved what they wanted to.

Being the week of the AGM this report is now as we speak being sent to the AGM to confirm and suspend strike action.

Over the coming weeks reps and activists will be taking the time to go around Service Control workplaces and discuss everything achieved with the members and see how we can further build on these great gains and steps forward in Service Control.

To all members... Welldone for all your hard work and solidarity!!