Metropolitan Line

Service Control Offer Considered by Reps

Today all RMT Service Control reps from across Service Control in London Underground met to discuss the final offer that LU and RMT had been negotiating all this week at ACAS.

The reps felt that the final offer made after much negotiating and fighting was a solid victory for all members and for everyone that works in service control, they also felt we had all achieved something un-heard of in London Underground... A guaranteed "Lifetime Protection of Earnings" in writing from LU!!

Concrete piece thrown at Metropolitan Line Tube train

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A piece of concrete was thrown at a Metropolitan Line train from a bridge in north-west London, police said.

The fist-sized piece was thrown at the Tube train on 29 February from Highfield Road Bridge as the driver was pulling into Northwood station.

The concrete piece dented the front of the train, but no-one was injured, the British Transport Police (BTP) said.

BTP officers are also investigating the theft of railway cable on Jubilee Line from Queensbury early on Monday.