RMT Welcomes Return Of Power Services To London Underground

From General Secretary Bob Crow

I write to advise branches that the contract between UKPN Services Powerlink and London Underground will be terminated on 16th August 2013. This matter has now been considered by the General Grades Committee and has made the following decision:-

“We note the correspondence from London Underground and welcome the termination of the contract between UKPN Services and LUL, leading to the return of power supply services to London Underground in August 2013. London Underground power supply was transferred to the private sector under a Private Finance Initiative in 1998, which LU has chosen to terminate after 15 years of a possible 30-year contract term. This underlines RMT’s view opposing PFI and other forms of privatisation, and we call for other privatised sections to be returned to a fully-integrated, publicly-owned London Underground.

We note that talks are taking place concerning this transfer, which our representatives are attending. We resolve that this union will defend and represent our members through the transfer process, ensuring their rights and preserved and no workers’ jobs are cut.

We instruct the General Secretary to place regular reports on the progress of these talks in front of us, and to place minutes of the meetings and other documentation on the file.


London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.”

I am acting in accordance with the above decision and update branches on further developments.