RMT Welcomes Reinstatement of Tunde Umanah

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note that our member, Tunde Umanah, was successful in his appeal and has been reinstated to his position as a driver at Leytonstone depot. We congratulate Tunde, his representatives, and Stratford no.1 branch for their determination and effective work on this issue.

We note the resolutions from LU Engineering branch and the London Transport Regional Council (originally from Stratford no.1 branch) calling for a ballot for industrial action. Although there is no longer any need for industrial action, we thank our branches and Regional Council for their willingness to take action in defence of a victimised workmate.

Following several other successful reinstatement campaigns in various companies and grades in the London Transport Region this year, Tunde’s successful reinstatement again shows that RMT is willing and able to effectively defend its members. We note that RMT News is to include an article about these successful campaigns.

We welcome the recent increase in RMT membership among London Underground drivers and the efforts of the Regional Council’s Train Grades Committee to build membership further. We instruct the General Secretary to continue to support and resource these efforts.

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