RMT warns of more tube chaos as LU cut safety-critical inspections by half

TUBE UNION RMT warned of more tube chaos for passengers as it emerged that as part of the TfL cuts programme the frequency of safety-critical inspections is being slashed from twice a week to once a week.

In a safety licensing concession requested by LU the twice weekly inspection of track and infrastructure in sidings and depots will be cutback to just once a week. These inspections are in the areas of highest traffic anywhere on the network with fleet constantly being shunted in and out.

The latest target for cuts is the White City Depot but RMT are making it clear that it is just part of a rolling programme of maintenance and job cuts that London Underground are seeking to roll out across the network by stealth.

RMT has warned that key faults like broken rails and loose bolts and fittings will not be picked up with the end result that trains will be stranded in the depot adding to increasing problems of delays and disruption to passengers.

LU admit that this latest cutback is cash-led and part of their programme of reducing “head count” - management speak for axing jobs.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“London Underground have been caught out again halving vital inspections and making a total nonsense of Boris Johnson’s claim that there will be no cuts at the front line.

“This move, ludicrously dressed up as having safety benefits, will trap the fleet in the sidings and depots leaving passengers waiting for trains that never come because an accountant decided that halving safety inspections to cut costs was a good idea.”

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