RMT View Initial's Plans For Fingerprinting Workers As An Attack On Civil Liberties And A Tool For Victimisation

We note the reply from Initial, that this is a group wide initiative from Initial Facilities to implement the Kronos Time and Attendance System into all contracts by end of 2012, with both biometric and telephone systems in operation. We also note the views of our representatives, who strongly oppose this move, rightly seeing it as an attack on their civil liberties and a weapon for management to use to victimise our members.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to:
1. Urgently contact Initial management demanding a meeting to discuss our objections.
2. Obtain a report from our London Transport Regional Council’s cleaners’ grades committee on what action members are willing to take in order to stop this and place this in front of us.
3. Obtain a report on the imposition of this procedure elsewhere in the country and the views of our members and place this in front of us.

We further note the information on file concerning other incidents where companies have attempted to introduce fingerprinting. We instruct the General Secretary to place this information on a new file, USE OF FINGERPRINTING TO BOOK ON – NATIONAL, and refer this to our National Sub-Committee for examination and report.

Regional Councils and branches to be advised.

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