RMT recruitment drive of ABM cleaners on LUL

The RMT NEC has unanimously passed the following resoul;ution.

London Transport Regional Council submits the following resolution:

“LTRC notes the work done by the Lead Officer, Cleaning Grades Committee, The Org Unit, Branches, Reps, Activists and Members in recruiting and organising cleaners on LUL

We also note with the cynical removal of sick pay scheme from ex-Vinci cleaners during their TUPEing into ABM; that the that the mask of the new company ABM has slipped; and they have now revealed themselves to have the traditional demeaning attitude to their staff and our members as their predecessors, regardless of the false friendly mood music their management went to lengths to play to us.

Along with taking onboard the treachery of ABM; we further note that the window of opportunity created by the creation of one cleaning super-contract under the new contract holder ABM will not always be open; and is soon to close in real terms as this becomes old news and normalises. The campaign should be agreed as a matter of urgency, to start fully on the first Monday in February 2018, and reviewed after 3 months.

Therefore; in light of this rare opportunity, this region calls upon on the NEC to launch a fully resourced recruitment drive aimed at mass recruitment of LUL based cleaners into the union in the new year lasting 6 months including:

  • A launch demonstration outside City Hall moving to ABM’s offices; fully supported by this union with ‘naming & shaming’ public propaganda and press releases
  • A designated Org Unit member to act as coordinator under auspices of the Cleaning Grades Committee
  • To have clear and understandable industrial demands: free travel, sick pay, NEC policy level on pay rates in London
  • Paid release for cleaner reps-and other activists to assist in campaign where appropriate
  • Resources such as printed materials, stickers, texts, emails and other appropriate recruitment necessities
  • All reasonable assistance as identified
  • That a meeting take place early February between the NEC Member, RO, Regional Council Officers, Organising Unit, cleaner reps and any other volunteers, to plan and carry out strategy.

Once this recruitment drive is underway organisation of the new members in regards to electing representatives and identifying activists and servicing members will follow in its wake in the normal manner; being organised by the Lead Officer, coordinated by the designated Org Unit member and overseen by the Cleaning Grades Committee.

The RMT will not rest from the fight for Justice for Cleaners until it is achieved or these despicable companies are driven from the railway industry!” 


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