RMT Joins March to Put People First

RMT flags fluttered as hundreds of members joined with thousands of other trade unionists to make a noise during the G20 world leaders' summit and tell them to Put People First.

TfL no.1 branch members took their banner to add their voice to the protest for jobs, justice and climate, as did the union's Black and Ethnic Minority Members.

Bakerloo branch secretary Brian Munro carries the flag, with other branch members Malcolm Taylor and Clive Protheroe also marching.

RMT regional Young Members' Officer Becky Crocker was among the marchers, as was our managers and admin rep Roy Carey, and National President John Leach with his kids.

We were pleased to see this banner stating 'Workers of the World Unite - defend women, migrants and youth' ... and this one, pointing out that the government pays unemployed bankers £650k and single mums nothing!