RMT Demands a Living Wage for Tube Cleaners

cleaners protestOn Wednesday 17 June, RMT protested outside Mayor's Question Time against Tube cleaners' poverty pay. Protesters demanded that Mayor Boris Johnson keep his promise that everyone working for the GLA or in its areas of responsibility would receive the London Living Wage, recently uprated to £7.60 an hour.

richardclaraSeveral cleaners addressed the protest, outlining the appalling conditions under which they work, and calling for improved health and safety, sick pay and better holidays, as well as improved pay.

jeremy corbynTwo members of RMT's Parliamentary group - MPs Jeremy Corbyn (pictured) and John McDonnell - also addressed the gathering, before going in to City Hall to present a letter to the Mayor demanding the London Living Wage for Tube cleaners.

Cleaners' supporters went into the public gallery for Mayor's Question Time, but were ejected after shouting out demands for a living wage for cleaners.

snowmanRMT's protest also called on Boris to fulfil another promise: that no member of staff would be penalised for being unable to make it to work on 2 February due to the heavy snowfall on that day. A snowman took part in the protest and RMT delivered a letter to GLA members drawing their attention to the fact that London Underground management has denied over 500 of its staff paid special leave for the day.