RMT calls for reversal of all tube cuts following North Greenwich security incident

Today (Thursdsy, 27th October) senior RMT Health and safety reps from both LUL and Tubelines and myself attended a special Health and safety forum (summit) called after last week's security incident at North Greenwich.

Directors of LUL and senior management as well as the chief Inspector of B.T.Police were in attendance. We were updated on the incident and other security matters. It was stated to us that the level of threat remains Severe, unchanged since August 2014.

LUL Director of Health and Safety has agreed that another Health and Safety forum will be called for both companies to consider improved use of HOT procedure and better intergration of all Tubelines /LUL staff including contractors/cleaners .

We demanded more robust arrangements. LUL will set up a LIR to investigate the railway side of the incident Critically I demanded that LUL reverse every single job cut under Fit for the Future Stations. As well as station control rooms to be staffed We now must continue to fight for proper safe staffing of Stations, safety training and all staff, all grades to be supported by TfL/LUL/DLR and Overground. As further developments or information becomes available I will report back


John Leach
RMT Regional Organiser
London Transport region 11