RMT bus workers at London United mount protest over harassment of members

RMT BUS members at London United will be mounting a protest at the company’s London headquarters this Wednesday ( September 9) in a fightback against the victimisation and harassment of RMT members building a fighting and campaigning union organisation that has challenged the company for a fair deal on pay and working conditions.

RMT is growing fast at London United and the response of the company has been to hit back at individual members of staff with completely unfounded threats that the union will not be able to represent them if they find themselves in trouble.

A lively and noisy protest will take place at the company’s London base at the Fullwell Bus Garage, Wellington Road, Twickenham TW2 5NX at 9am, Wednesday September 9th, RMT general secretary Bob Crow will address the RMT members.

Bob Crow, RMT general secretary, said:

“RMT is building a strong organisation at London United which is challenging the company for a decent deal for staff on pay and working conditions. The company feel threatened by the presence of a proud, militant organisation like RMT and in response have begun harassing individual members of staff.

“This protest will send out a clear message that the RMT is growing fast amongst London bus workers who’ve had a lousy deal in recent years and will also send a signal that we will not tolerate the victimisation and harassment of our reps and members.

“RMT will continue to build links between all transport workers in Greater London aimed at using our collective strength to get decent wages and conditions for all. Company’s like London United don’t fancy that alliance one little bit but our message is that they better get used to it.”

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