RMT to Ballot for Strikes for Justice for James and Jayesh

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note that London Underground is still refusing to reinstate our unfairly-sacked member James Masango. We note the report from our Regional Organiser, that all attempts to resolve this matter through talks – including a face-to-face meeting between our General Secretary and London Underground’s Managing Director – have failed to secure James’ reinstatement, which remains the only acceptable outcome to this case, and therefore recommending that to hold a ballot is our only option.

We further note that London Underground is still insisting on an unfair and very severe punishment of our member Jayesh Patel, over a minor incident that should have been dealt with as a performance matter.

We further note that Brother Masango’s branch has discussed this matter in depth and drawn up a suggested timetable which allows the company a further opportunity to see sense and reinstate James before any ballot begins, while also allowing for action to take place before the reconvening of the Employment Tribunal’s Remedy Hearing on 22 November. We note that our Regional Organiser endorses this plan.

We note that both James’ and Jayesh’s branch, and the Regional Council, wish these two cases to be linked.

Accordingly, we instruct the General Secretary that, should London Underground fail to agree to reinstate James Masango and to review Jayesh Patel’s case by 23 October, he is to give notice to LU of our intention to ballot all our driver members for strike action, the ballot to commence from 31 October and close on 14 November.

We further instruct the General Secretary to send a personal letter to all driver members explaining these issues.

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