RMT Appalled At Fingerprinting Plan For Cleaners

We note the report of the well-attended meeting of our London Underground / Tube Lines ISS representatives on 20 February 2013.

The meeting identified several attacks on working conditions in addition to pay issues:

  • ‘Bradford Factor’ attendance rules
  • new rostering, extending the unpaid break in the middle of the shift from 30 minutes to 45, 60 or even 75 minutes
  • biometric booking on, including for agency staff

We are appalled by these attacks, and welcome our representatives’ willingness to fight them with all means at our disposal, up to and including industrial action. We instruct the General Secretary to obtain and place in front of us a report on the appropriate way forward for taking action.

We welcome the production by our representatives of a newsletter about these issues, and instruct the General Secretary to send it by post to all members on this contract.

Noting that ISS has been awarded a six-year new contract with Tube Lines, due to come into force on 31 March, we instruct the General Secretary to lobby Tube Lines and its owners to not finalise the contract with ISS while management continues with these shocking attacks.

We note the organising ideas contained in the report, and instruct the General Secretary to ensure that they are carried out. In particular, we instruct the General Secretary to ensure that members are allocated to the correct branches, and that those branches are supported in helping to organise this group of workers.

London Transport Regional Council, branches and cleaners’ representatives to be advised.