Resolutions: Train Grades Organisation

This resolution was remitted by the January Regional Council meeting to the February Regional Council executive meeting.

The Bakerloo Branch agreed the following resolutions to go to the next Regional Council:

Train Grades Committee Organisation This Regional Council agrees that the train grades committee will meet at 14:30 hours prior to meetings of the London Transport Regional Council except during the months of February, May, August and November. During those months the train grades meeting will commence at 13:00 hours and all level 1, tier 1, TFC and THSC representatives must make every effort to attend. We request that the Regional Organiser makes arrangements with LUL to release our level 1 and tier 1 reps on a quarterly basis to attend these meetings so that there can be reports and consultations with our level 2 representatives. If management fail to agree then all reps must use existing release arrangements or rest days to attend, or as a last resort request unpaid leave from which branches should within reason reimburse lost wages. Any RMT representative unable to attend must make apologies for non attendance to the secretary of the train grades committee and the Regional Organiser. All RMT train driver members and activists are welcome at all meetings and will have voting rights. Resolutions from individuals or branches can be taken from the floor and will be dealt with in accordance with the norms of our movement. Proposed amendment from Finsbury Park branch: In last sentence, delete "individuals or"

TFC Agreement 2009 This Regional Council notes that the following resolution was agreed at a train grades meeting on January 6th 2010: This train grades committee notes that the TFC 2009 agreement was imposed on LUL depots by LUL/ASLEF despite lack of agreement from RMT reps on the Trains Functional Committee. The reduction in spare duties and pool staff will mean staff cuts in depots across the combine. This train grades committee agrees to oppose this imposition by LUL/ASLEF and instructs our representatives accordingly. This Regional Council meeting endorses this resolution.

Propaganda This Regional Council notes that the following resolution was agreed at a train grades meeting on January 6th 2010: In furtherance of our union’s rule 4, clause (a) “to secure the complete organisation of all workers” this train grades committee agrees that there will be a train grades newsletter which will be published no fewer than 6 times a year. We further agree that there will be 3 members responsible for its production: 1 RMT member elected from this committee, 1 RMT representative from the Trains Functional Committee and 1 RMT representative from the THSC. This newsletter will not undermine the excellent and timely newsletters already produced by our representatives from the THSC. We also agree that, the train grades Chair and Secretary, TFC and THSC reps should post regular reports and articles on the RMT London Calling website and contribute to the development of the LUL Trains section of the website. This Regional Council meeting endorses this resolution.

RMT representation on Trains Functional Council This Regional Council notes that the following resolution was agreed at a train grades meeting on January 6th 2010: "This train grades committee demands proper representation on LUL’s Train Functional Council. Despite demonstrating to LUL management that we have at least 50% membership amongst train drivers on LUL we are disgusted that LUL continue to fail to allow proper representation of our members. We believe wholeheartedly that this is due to their relationship with the yellow union ASLEF. We agree to campaign for full and proper representation and we demand that our negotiators at every level continue to insist on this. We resolve to continue to raise this democratic demand amongst train drivers on the combine and to campaign forcefully on the issue. This committee is also concerned about ASLEF’s unfair inbuilt majority on the Trains Functional Council. We note that on this matter RMT President John Leach made the following ruling: “ASLEF’s majority on LUL’s functional Council is NOT binding on the RMT, Indeed any such idea would be in direct conflict with our constitution Rule 1 para 4, sections E) and F). My advice is that in those situations, then at the staff side meeting if we are unable to reach an agreement with ASLEF as to the best way forward, then we should register our position and disagreement with the ASLEF, and ensure that in the subsequent meeting with management RMTs position should be minuted and followed up in writing to the management side chair. And independently of the ASLEF be referred up the machinery if necessary”. This Train Grades Committee fully accepts Bro Leach’s ruling and instructs our representatives accordingly." This Regional Council meeting endorses this resolution.