Resolution: Women in Israel and Gaza

This resolution, submitted by Camden No. 3 Branch, was passed by RMT Women's Conference 2009.

That this Conference mourns the deaths of over 1,000 Palestinians during Israel's brutal assault on Gaza in December and January, including hundreds of women and children.

While not condoning rocket attacks on Israeli civilians, or the regressive and sexist policies of Hamas, we unreservedly condemn Israel's actions in carrying out this attack, and its siege of Gaza.

We salute young Israeli women such as Maya Yechieli Wind, Raz Bar-David Varon, Tamar Katz, Omer Goldman, Mia Tamarin and others, who have refused to serve in the Israeli army in defiance of compulsory military service and have been imprisoned as a result. We note that Israel is one of the few countries that compel women to serve in the military.

We wish to support and make contact with Palestinian and Israeli women campaigners and trade unionists opposing Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories and fighting for women's and workers' rights across the borders.