Resolution: Support for Ian Page, TUSC

The following resolution, submitted by Neasden branch, was composited with other resolutions and passed at the February meeting of the Regional Council ...

This regional council applauds Bob Crow and those officials and members of RMT who have pledged their personal support to the Trade Unionists and Socialist Coalition at the next general election.

This region requests that the council of executives authorise the region and all of its branches to support Ian Page who is standing for the coalition at the next general election in the Lewisham Deptford constituency. Ian Page will be standing on the coalitions agreed core principles.

The region notes that the Labour Party candidate in this constituency is Joan Ruddock, who has no record of fighting for the interests of trade unionists or workers generally.

We wish to support the trade unionists and socialist coalition in this constituency, which offers workers an opportunity to vote for a pro-trade union candidate with socialist policies.